Shaping the Future
of Agriculture
with Science Technology

Shaping the Future of
Agriculture with
Science Technology

Together with Local Producers


Driving Sustainability and
Profitability in Agriculture

Through the support of science and technology,
we address agricultural challenges to promote
sustainable farming.


Our Activities

We operate four distinct
business units.

Centered around our biostimulant division, we leverage cutting-edge
research and
technology to drive these four key areas.

Our Strengths

01 Largest-scale Collaboration
with JA
(Japan Agricultural Cooperatives)

Our strengthened collaborations with JA span over 150 regions and production areas, addressing on-the-ground challenges and driving improvements.

02 Advanced Research System by
a Group of
Agricultural Researchers

Through collaboration with specialized institutions such as Kyoto University and Tokyo University of Agriculture, we conduct cutting-edge research. Our advanced research framework spans from elemental and genetic analysis to material development, ensuring scientific validity.

03 Resilient Production Technology:
'Biostimulant Materials'

We possess biostimulant technology, one of the agricultural production materials highlighted by the Japanese government's "GX Strategy (Green Transformation)" as a measure against global warming.

04 Comprehensive Support
for the Agricultural Industry

Our goal is to solve all the challenges faced by the agricultural industry, striving for sustainable agriculture.

Our Technology


Features of Food Waste-based
Biostimulant Materials

The food waste-based biostimulant developed by AGRI SMILE realizes resource recycling by creating "food" from "food".
By converting local food waste into biostimulants, we produce crops that are resilient to resource recycling, reduced chemical fertilizers, and climate change, creating an environmentally friendly and sustainable food supply chain.

Expert COuncil for Low carbon
Agriculture in Biostimulant technology


AGRI SMILE has developed the "AGRI SMILE Evaluation INDEX," which can explain the mechanisms of action of biostimulants while working to address challenges in agricultural sites through regional collaboration.

Based on these evaluation metrics, we promote the selection of biostimulants tailored to regional issues and the establishment of a system for the safe use of biostimulants in agricultural areas. In September 2023, we launched a council as a platform for activities aimed at solving the challenges faced by the agricultural industry.

Expert COuncil for Low carbon Agriculture in
Biostimulant technology

Eco-LAB is an acronym derived from "Eco," representing both ecology and economy, and "LAB," signifying technology research laboratories. This name reflects our mission to leverage biostimulant technology to promote environmentally sustainable agriculture and achieve a decarbonized society. Officially known as the "Expert COuncil for Low carbon Agriculture in Biostimulant technology," Eco-LAB combines environmental care with economic viability through cutting-edge research and innovation.

Contributing to Sustainability

In our efforts to achieve the SDGs and realize a sustainable society, we address social challenges through our business activities.